Koi Gate habanero is a kind of slot machine game from the provider Habanero. Which is known for its good user interface and also offers the ease of play. Koi Gate can be one of the best Habanero slots as at least the bet amount is quite small compared to other slots.

Koi Gate Habanero has the Advantage of the Respin Function

The Feeling of Playing Koi Gate Habanero Slots
koi gate

The function provided by Koi Gate Habanero is the KOI symbol itself, the Koi symbol can substitute for all symbols, but the Koi symbol has other functions as well. When this KOI symbol appears together with the dragon symbol. The Koi symbol will cover the other symbols and replace it with the dragon symbol that makes this symbol a very profitable symbol in this Koi gate slot.

In addition to these features, there are other features that this Koi Gate slot online has. Which is the re-round feature, how to get it, get the Koi symbol back. The round continues to spin without you having to pay, these Function ends when you receive it. The KOI symbol again on each reel, with the circle function. It is very useful as it does not reduce the balance. You will get a pretty big reward even after reinvesting, as all the prizes will be questioned during the birthday.

Koi Gate has a Total of 10 Payment Symbols

Koi Gate Habanero has multiple symbols with different payouts as well as features that both the game and the player can benefit from. The biggest win in Koi Gate is of course the dragon symbol, with just IDR 180 you can get IDR 1,500 which means that it is almost 10 times the total stake, if you bet with a larger amount you get quite a prize too.

Big, it also depends on your bet amount, the smallest symbols of the Koi door are ‘Q’ and ‘J’ symbols which only if you only get 3 lines will not bet more than 50% of your total, but look Do not start from the smallest gift, because with the properties of Koi Door you can make small gifts and large gifts

Koi Gate has 18 Pay Lines

Another thing to keep in mind is the pay lines on this Koi Gate habanero slot, in Koi Gate you can get 18 pay lines that are in your favor. When you understand them all, you no longer have to guess whether or not you can get to the line listed in the game, once you have studied these. / Aha

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