How To Play Lotto – Everyone wants to learn how to win the lotto. Who doesn’t want to? I for one would love to know how. In fact, I think that knowing how will be quite beneficial, not only for me but also for you.

You see, knowing the game you are going to play is the only way to gain an foothold on winning the game.

That’s right, you will be able to know the game inside and out. Guess what? I know you are thinking that there is no way to know how to win the lotto, since it is a game of chance. And you are also right about that, but there is always a first time for everything.

The question in however, is whether you are prepared for this, or if you are going to be like most people and just fly by the seat of their pants and just go buy a ticket without a care in the world.

Don’t worry, I’m sure there is a method to this madness. It’s just a matter of knowing the game first. But, if you are going to win, you need to start small. Start out with a thousand dollar block of play. Don’t overcome this by thinking you are going to hit it big and win millions.

Learn the rules, become acclimated with the system, understand what numbers come up, and just pick one hundred numbers. By doing this, you will have already put the miles on your car, you will have materials to build your handicapping system with, and you will have a system you can run with.

All you need is one hundred numbers and you can be running the numbers on a daily or even weekly basis and have enough to Save BIG.


How To Play Lotto: Choose the Only Right Way to Play at the Lotto

Please consider this when you are done reading, because I am about to give you the Big Tip that will change your life forever. The only twist to this though is that we will teach you How To Play Lotto in a way that you will be able to do it efficiently.

We do this by breaking it into small pieces and by working out the best way to each particular situation. In other words, a wheel pulling strategy will teach you how to play lotto in a way that you can fit it back together again in a different order and finally, a way that will teach you how to pick the winning numbers by picking the right wheel.

Big Tips on How to Play Lotto Properly Tip #1 – Wheel your numbers

The first thing to do is to choose your wheel and run it for several weeks or months. Keep track of the numbers and pay special attention to the ones that come up the most popular among the others. You want to pick your numbers evenly from the rest of the field.

Do not be confused on the matter – it’s not as if one number comes up every other number. Bears, along with blanks, make up wheeling systems, so you’ll want to wheel your numbers.

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Big Tips on How to Play Lotto Properly Tip #2 – Use The Same Numbers

A lot of players like to different themselves. Instead of picking 3 or 4 different numbers, they suggest you use a certain pattern and stick with it, like 25% odd, 33% even. While your numbers may come up one way and a different way, you will have a different set of if a certain number has been spun in a specific spot on the wheel.

Overall, you want to be an even number on the wheel, but an even number on the number. That’s for the best. It means you’ll be able to get more money by running the same numbers as everyone else.

Not only will you be able to save more money by using a wheeling system, you will also be able to save time. The temptation for a lot of players is to try to choose random numbers, since for the most part you have to pick numbers from 1 to 49. Those are the ones you have to hope are drawn but it’s not necessarily the wisest.

Even if you win, the lottery company can’t just send you a fat cheque at once. It takes time for the numbers to be drawn out. That’s why you should stick with the same numbers, at least until you win.

Big Tips on How to Play Lotto Properly Tip #3 – Use A Winning Lotto System

A lot of gamblers have been known to have a few winning systems at their disposal. If you are at all a player, you have probably dreamt about one day hitting the big one, and in this case, you want to increase your chances in a Keno-type draw, where you have to choose 8 numbers per keno ticket.

You can use a lot of methods in getting the winning numbers, like researching past winning combinations. The lot of combinations available can get quite a burden on your nerves.