Controversial Soccer Match – If you are a true soccer lover, you will definitely remember and know the various best to the weirdest soccer matches.

Behind all of that, it turns out that there is a controversial soccer match that has been widely known by various circles, you know. With the game of football on the field with this excitement, it will certainly make the game of football more colorful.

The excitement of this game was contained in a controversial soccer match that was held in 2009. If you are a Chelsea or Barcelona fan, you will know very well about this one match. This match is held in the Champions League which is well known in the world.

The existence of these two teams is indeed very superior in its class. If you look at their track record in the football media, it shows that both of them are a superior team and have a good name, from the matches to the players.

With a good track record, it turns out that this team was once a team that played games with a very unique concept. They are recorded in a controversial football match that cannot be forgotten and become a separate note for them. This excitement is definitely one thing that deserves to be recognized.

Controversial Soccer Match: 2009 Champions League Semifinal

If you want to remember the most controversial soccer match ever done, it is in the 2009 Champions League semifinals. In this match, Chelsea and Barcelona compete in one championship towards the final.

On the media site it was noted that they scored in Barcelona’s winning position. This match is known as one of the hot matches because of the involvement of the referee who was considered strange.

The referee at that time on duty was Tom Henning Ovrebo. He was reluctant to give Chelsea a chance for a penalty even though according to the rules they should have been allocated penalty kicks.

However, this blue team got a 1-0 lead over their victory over Barcelona. But the swirling times with the games that continued did not keep Chelsea on their way to victory. They have to lose because they conceded a goal and made them have to go home early.

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Thus, a review of a controversial football match that cannot be forgotten, hopefully it can be useful information for you. / Aha

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