Dream Catcher is a live casino version of the popular wheel of fortune. Here you can find expert advice and explanations on Dream Catcher Casino strategy.

Dream Catcher Live is a live version of the popular game of chance. A Money Wheel can be found in almost every casino. Because your chances of winning are slim and the house edge is high, such a wheel of fortune will only appeal to newcomers to the casino.

It’s terrible because it does have some features, such as a wheel. Especially if you have a good presenter. 

Evolution, a live casino provider, thought so, too, because they released a new and improved version of the wheel of fortune in 2018. Dream Catcher is the name of the character. Dream Catcher Live is a more enjoyable game to play and provides more benefits to you as a player.

Dream Catcher Casino Strategy 

1. How Does Dream Catcher Live Work?

Dream Catcher is available at reputable online casinos that offer Evolution’s live casino games. The game is very straightforward. You’ll notice six betting boxes at the bottom of your screen: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. The numbers can be seen on the wheel, which has 54 boxes.

The minimum wager at Dream Catcher Live is $0.10, with a maximum wager of $2500.

The presenter spins the wheel after you place your wager. You win if the wheel stops on a number you bet on. The amount paid out is the same as the number. 

In addition,If you bet $1 on the number ‘5’ and the wheel stops on that number, you will win $5. You’ll also get your bet back, bringing your total payout to $6.

2. Dream Catcher’s Payout Percentage

At Dream Catcher Live, not every bet has the same payout percentage (RTP). When you bet on the ’10’ box at Dream Catcher Live, the RTP is the highest, at 95.65%. 

That means that, over thousands of spins of the wheel, you will win 95.65 cents for every euro wagered in the long run. Following that, bets on ‘1’ and ‘2’ are taken. The bet on the ’40’ box has the lowest RTP at Dream Catcher, which is 89.88 percent.

Dream Catcher isn’t exactly the most appealing casino game. The RTP of roulette (97.3%) and blackjack (99.5%), for example, is significantly higher.

3. The Best Strategy of Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher, like the majority of casino games, is entirely random. It’s pointless to keep track of which numbers the wheel has stopped on in previous spins because it won’t affect the next one.

Based on the RTP, you can devise an optimal Dream Catcher strategy. The best Dream Catcher strategy is to bet exclusively on the number ’10,’ which has the highest payout percentage. It does, however, make the game a little tedious.

With a maximum payout of $500,000, you don’t need to think about strategy. To go over the maximum, you’d have to bet more than $1785 on box ’40,’ and the wheel would have to stop Multiplier x7 and ’40’.

4. A Tip for Dream Catcher Fans

In 2018, Dream Catcher was Evolution’s first live casino game show. Since then, Evolution has created new live game shows based on Dream Catcher, but with additional features. Monopoly Live and Crazy Time, for example.

If you enjoy Dream Catcher Live, you should definitely check out these games. There’s a lot more going on, including exciting bonus rounds and the chance to win a lot more money. Only in Pkv Games you can get very big money.

It’s also worth noting that the RTP on these games is higher than on Dream Catcher for the majority of bets. Monopoly Live and Crazy Time will provide you with more value in the long run than Dream Catcher Live.

In conclusion, the best Dream Catcher Casino strategy is to bet on the number 10. Make sure that you always pay attention to the payout percentage before playing Dream Catcher.

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